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Diamond Dreams

Diamond Dreams by Jonathan Ulysse

In Jonathan Ulysse’s stunning debut, Diamond Dreams, we meet Jonny Magnus – a striking twenty-something year old, disillusioned with love. As he roams from one place to another, he cherishes what little happiness awaits him. Unaware of the allure that Rio

Symmetry (The Eternal Quest Breaker Book 1)

A series with the most elaborate quest the world has ever seen, culminating in a final decision that will determine the fate of our existence as we know it…if only the Eternal Quest Breaker can find a way to overcome the
Every Note by Heart:

Every Note by Heart: A Fantasy Romance (The Mysterium Secret Book 2)

Vocal artist Vivienne Bennet makes every effort to stay out of the public eye. She works only nights as she carefully guards the secret of her true nature. Peter Newman has his own struggles. Between his teetering career as a videographer
Long Time Vol.1-2


An ordinary bus stop. A once-in-a-lifetime encounter between two hearts aching with hope, fear and tenderness… London, 1960. Rose is looking for a new start. Thousands of miles away from her Caribbean home, she scrapes together money to send for her

Carnal Moon: A Club Moon Novel (The Club Moon Series Book 1)

Nick Santos begrudgingly accepts his vampirism, but that doesn’t mean he enjoys it. Part-owner at Club Moon, a fetish club for vampires, he makes the most of eternity. However, a chance meeting with the blushing Gwen Waters turns his world upside

Whisked Away

A young man finds himself trapped within an enchanted castle, and reluctantly takes on the curse that binds its inhabitants. GET eBook Now Product Details Author: Emrys Apollo File Size: 210 KB Print Length: 55 pages Publication Date: June 6, 2017 Language:

Your Heart For Mine Kindle Edition

Egypt Summers thought her life was going well. She had a good job, wonderful boyfriend, and her son. She felt like she couldn’t ask for anything else. That was until the day her boyfriend, Darien, committed suicide. After that, she felt

Wild Fire (Wilding Pack Wolves 5) – New Adult Paranormal Romance Review

Zoe Wilding is a genetic researcher with a secret she’d rather not have—she’s a white wolf—but with Agent Smith’s immorally-acquired experimental data on shifters, that may change. If she can just isolate the gene that expresses her dangerous white wolf, she’ll

Shifters in the Spring: Sixteen New Paranormal Romances of Secret Babies, Frisky Shifters, and Fertile Surprises Review

ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! 16 Brand-New, Exclusive, Stand-Alone Paranormal Romances. Never before released! Spring is in the air and these sexy shifters are on the prowl! From passionate tiger shifters with secret babies, to possessive bears desperate to rescue