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50 Years in the OR: True Stories of Life, Loss, and Laughter While Giving Anesthesia

The First Book about the Unsung Heroes of the Operating Room Ron Whitchurch has the observation, wit and insight of a modern day Mark Twain and the eyebrows and mustache to match.” — Koco Eaton, MD, ABOS, Team Physician, Tampa Bay Rays

Living in Cleveland With the Ghost of Joseph Stalin

It’s the summer of 1953. Calvin Jefferson Coolidge is thirteen years old when the ghost of Joseph Stalin appears to him in his Aunt Evelyn’s cluttered Cleveland attic and wants to dictate his memoirs to him. “I want to tell my

Keto for Life: 28 Day Fat-Fueled Approach to Weight Loss

First and foremost you will be given clear explanations as to what you should be eating and why, as well as, what you should not be eating and why. I believe that understanding why you keep gaining weight no matter how
Dear You

Dear You…

Dear You… Dear You… do you know that you are a royal priesthood? 1 Peter 2:9 Dear You… do you know that you are chosen for such a time as this? Esther 4:14 Dear You… do you know that God is

MED – CHAINS & COVID-19: Innovative Solutions for Pandemics

MED-CHAINS & COVID – 19: Innovative Solutions for Pandemics is the groundbreaking new book by Dr. Eyong, offering the medical community new insight into COVID-19 and previous pandemics. Rather than quarreling over the inadequacies and inconsistencies of current pandemic practices, Dr.
Miss Kansas City Kitty Combined

Amazing Memoir of a Woman from the Prohibition Era

Doris Markham’s Story takes you back to Kansas City in the 1930s and 1940s as well as rural Missouri living at the turn of the twentieth century. Join Doris on her escapades through three marriages and a dozen boyfriends. Miss Kansas


Journalist Edward Lindstrom attends a hypnosis session in search of a story but quickly finds himself, along with the other participants, in the sights of the secretive Order of Anu. This cult seeks the Chosen One, the bearer of a secret
Blue 42 ecover

Blue Forty-Two: A Quick Snap Novella

A standalone sports romance set in Kristen Proby’s With Me in Seattle Universe. Nearly nineteen years in the league, and yet the most astounding thing football brought quarterback Holden Cramer was the intriguing and beautiful team doctor in front of him–the
Happy Days Everyday

Happy Days Everyday by Caesar Osiris – The Best Book on How to Stay Happy & Positive in All Situations

Struggling to get rid of all your negative thoughts? Don’t know how to develop a positive thinking attitude? If so, you should consider reading a book called ‘’Happy Days Everyday.’’  Written by Caesar Osiris, the book comprises 100 principles of happiness

Symmetry (The Eternal Quest Breaker Book 1)

A series with the most elaborate quest the world has ever seen, culminating in a final decision that will determine the fate of our existence as we know it…if only the Eternal Quest Breaker can find a way to overcome the