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The Mbora Trials

The Mbora Trials

They entered the notorious Mbora Trials to win the coveted snake tattoo. Only this year the rules have changed, the challenges are unexpected, and one boy is not what he seems. Which of them can survive? Those who follow orders, or
Happy Days Everyday

Happy Days Everyday by Caesar Osiris – The Best Book on How to Stay Happy & Positive in All Situations

Struggling to get rid of all your negative thoughts? Don’t know how to develop a positive thinking attitude? If so, you should consider reading a book called ‘’Happy Days Everyday.’’  Written by Caesar Osiris, the book comprises 100 principles of happiness
A Race Without a Finish Line

A Race Without a Finish Line: Running Stories, Flexi-Gluten Free Meal Plan, Olympic Training Strategies, and Research for Efficient Distance Running

Learn of secret races, night group trail runs along riverbeds and scenic downtown runs occurring in dyads, triads, alongside cyclists, and in and around running Meetup groups. Become immersed completely in local running communities. Identify cues via social media for the

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: Easy Mediterranean Cuisine Recipes for Beginners. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts

1) Does your current lifestyle leave you feeling unhealthy and tired? Many studies say that the current generation is living their lives at health risks. Stress, overwork, isolated, and junk food-driven environments have pushed many of us to early health problems.
How much money will you have when you retire? What should you save every month? Is that new mortgage really worth it? You can answer all these questions in your head, no calculator needed, while you're sitting across the desk from a supposed "expert." The rules of thumb in this book will let you estimate how much your investments will grow, how long it will take to pay off your debt, and how close you are to saving up for your golden years. Designed to change your life this short book will teach you how to project your money, your future, your life in five rules, and give you some case studies from the financial world's successes and crises.

Guerilla Math: 5 rules you can use in your head to help you get rich, retire, and pay off your debt

  How much money will you have when you retire? What should you save every month? Is that new mortgage really worth it? You can answer all these questions in your head, no calculator needed, while you’re sitting across the desk

The Red Side of Dr. Greene: He’ll treat you, or destroy you, and you’ll love it either way

They say “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” But what if the doctor wants to eat his patient’s “apple”? He’ll treat you, or destroy you, and you’ll love it either way… ” Meet Dr. Alexander Greene, the hottest gynecologist
Raymond's Road to Riches

Raymond’s Road to Riches: A Complete Guide to Compound Interest

This short yet powerful book will allow you to achieve financial freedom using compound interest! You will learn the three factors that affect compound interest and how you can maximize those for yourself! If terms like index funds, dollar-cost averaging, and
Raising Independent Kiddos

Raising Independent Kiddos

Parenting is hard. It’s a never-ending series of particular problems that require ambiguous solutions. And the frustrating truth is that the specifics of your child’s situation aren’t in the literature. Believe me. I’ve been looking for it for two decades. I’m
Messenger of God

Redemption: Episode One: Messenger of God: Iran Attacks

An orphaned teenager, Harry, becomes an Air Force TOP GUN and meets seven Iranian fighters in air combat over the Iraq/Iran border. After suffering a near death experience while in the battle, the Air Force grounds him and he awaits a

Windel by David E. Kinney

The City of the Light, once connected to Earth by the Star of Christmas, lays in ruin. The King, Kris Kringle, wanes and the Elves, once so plentiful, are all but gone. Darkstars, the evil Queen’s flying dreadnaughts, manned by Goblins
Every Note by Heart:

Every Note by Heart: A Fantasy Romance (The Mysterium Secret Book 2)

Vocal artist Vivienne Bennet makes every effort to stay out of the public eye. She works only nights as she carefully guards the secret of her true nature. Peter Newman has his own struggles. Between his teetering career as a videographer
I Don't Like Racism

I Don’t Like Racism

This book tells the story of racism through the eyes of a young African-American girl, DaNyla, and her experiences with racism as she witnesses her cousin involved in police brutality and she tries to understand why racism exists. She talks to
The Happiness Habit

The Happiness Habit: How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety and Be Happy Every Day of Your Life!

Do you suffer from depression? Are you sometimes overwhelmed with negative emotions? Have you considered suicide sometime in the last 12 months? Or maybe things are not so bad. Maybe you are, overall, a happy person – but sometimes you find
Love of My Life: Poetry for Puppy Lovers

Love of My Life: Poetry for Puppy Lovers

A Fun Piece of Poetry About A Puppy It’s possible to have Peaceful & Fun pets Dominant bitches can kill each other It broke my heart to hear that two dominant bitches can kill each other. I thought I could make
The Ouiums Journey

The Ouiums Journey: Hell Broke Loose

When Esa Blyth escaped from the pits of hell, he thought his troubles were over. Soon after his return, however, he discovered his magic and the world he’d left behind had changed. Without his innate gift and support from covens, the

The Rooting Place by Betty Norwood Chaney

On her trip home after 30 years, Effie Raye discovers that her secret was not the only one born in her rooting place. Get eBook Now Product Details Author: Betty Chaney Kindle Price: $9.99 File Size: 958 KB Print Length: 117 pages Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Hot Winter Sun

Hot Winter Sun

Against the turbulent backdrop of the English Civil War, where political treachery and religious persecution are commonplace, an unlikely romance springs up between Catherine Trefelner, a strikingly beautiful village girl, and Robert Bradshaw, co-heir to one of Cornwall’s richest estates. Staunch

Pandemic: NYC – An Insider’s Account of a COVID-19 ICU

If you’re on the lookout for the best book to understand the deadly Covid-19 pandemic the world is currently facing, Pandemic: NYC may be exactly what you’re looking for. The book features the firsthand experience of a traveling nurse who risked
The Fourth Year Spell

The Fourth Year Spell

Declan Devereaux is finally ready to complete his Fourth Year Spell so he can move on to the next year of studies. All that’s left is one ingredient and he’s ready to get it from the Mayor’s Manor. Unbeknownst to Declan,
Something About Sammy

Something About Sammy

An emotional story interwoven with the logical and illogical; obsession and indifference; fantasy and reality. A conundrum of unfamiliar and inexplicable sensations and feelings so powerful they’ll shake you. You’ll enter the world of an older straight man settled into a