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Achieve Lifelong Wealth

Achieve Lifelong Wealth – Financial Freedom is in your hands: Learn to achieve lifelong wealth – Including bonus: 12 Must read books on financial freedom

Money really has power in our lives and with this book you can learn how to harness that power so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. A healthy bank balance enables you to get help when you need it

The Living Spring

Phil Mitchell travels to Ireland and discovers the hidden living spring of life. The book is full of quotes and reflections as he reflects on his heritage. Phil explorers his Christian faith with new meaning and what America should be going

Shunt (Crest Book 1)

A fast-paced page-turning Science Fiction novel from a compelling new author. “Whichever flavour of Sci-Fi you like to read SHUNT fills the gap” – Amazon Reader Quietly taken in the night, hundreds of teenagers wake to find themselves a part of

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Thoreau’s Downsizing Planner for Seniors

A superb guide for downsizing focused on seniors with step by step directions. This is the tool every senior needs that will be moving to smaller living quarters. GET eBook Now Product Details Author: Philip Baker File Size: 3662 KB Print Length:
Conquering your Stress & Fears

Conquering Your Stress & Fears – The Ultimate Guide to Managing Stress and Anxiety

Struggling with depression or trauma-related disorders? Are you on the lookout for a natural solution to ward off stress and anxiety? Look no further than Conquering Your Stress & Fears, a stress-management kindle book that is actually worth reading. It’s an

HANDS: The Story of Art in a Story About Art

“HANDS” by Z.B. Sanders is a hilarious modern version of Don Quixote. The main character Benny Fisher finds himself bursting out of his office in tears after working years in the position of secretary-to-the-secretary and never finding advancement. Unable to discern

The Book of Neophyte: The Awakening

Like so many of us, twenty-four year old Michael is tired of his monotonous existence. Then one morning he awakens in an abandoned alleyway; covered in blood and completely naked. After a narrow escape from authorities he is captured and imprisoned
4 Easy Ways to Earn Through Writing Skills

4 Easy Ways to Earn Through Writing Skills

It is hard for everyone to become a good writer. It is a skill that can only found in the most extraordinary people. It’s not like a person can wake up one day and announce that he or she wants to
Ghostwriting How It Works For Content Marketing Strategies

Ghostwriting: How It Works For Content Marketing Strategies

An efficient marketing strategy allows businesses to drive growth and find potential customers in both the online and the physical world. The application of relevant content and regular blogging to your online business platforms plays a huge role in making you
Tundra Witch

Tundra Witch (The Himalayan Files Book 1)

Anthony Jackson has known trouble his whole life. He hit rock bottom after his father passed away. Unemployed, homeless, and without prospects, he meets a ten-year-old girl named Mila and is hired to be her Manny. Things would be great if
Having Ghostwriters

Few Best Benefits of Having Ghostwriters

Ghostwriting is an extremely regular practice and work of ghostwriters can be an educational example as well. With so many occupied experts, VIPs, educational sectors, medical practice and speakers, the written work done by someone else has become a major twist
DARREN Cover 1


Here you will read a story about the extreme pleasure of a young man who enjoyed science and loved the study of animals. The account is written as fiction. The dialogue has been originally created. What appears in the story is

A Journey Of Self Recognition (Art Of Living)

A book might change your life, inspire your imagination with new ideas and lead your steps to the path of happiness. Read this book especially Chariots of Melodies and Memories, my favorite passage and do not forget to visit the Acropolis
Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach: Pleasure on the Pacific Coast

Claire is a strung out businesswoman with no time to spare. That is, until she meets a hot surfer named Brad. The two make an odd pair, but soon it becomes apparent that they compliment each other nicely. Brad soon opens