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Underfunded: The Fourth Solution

Guilt and grief kept Katie Nilsson away from her hometown for a decade. Now, a nationally acclaimed financial blogger, she’s back in the small hamlet of Lakeside, IL for her grandfather’s funeral, and she soon discovers he was swindled by the
The Dream Keepers

The Dream Keepers – The Best Book to Read at Your Leisure

Want to read something very exciting? Be sure to give The Dream Keepers a shot. Written by Linda Keen, the book is full of never ending suspense that will keep your interest alive till the end. Currently, the book is available
Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory: The Biker Variable

A brutal, casual killer, for Mason Metcalf, vice president of the Knights of Chaos, there is no deed too iniquitous, no sacrifice too great for the advancement of his club. After a drug deal goes badly wrong, like the prize in

How to Ace a Job Interview: A Simple Guide to Landing Any Interview

Having a hard time securing a job? Don’t know how to impress an employer? If so, we’ve a new book titled ‘’How to Ace a Job Interview’’ for you, which is sure to help you get a job you’re applying for.
Dusk digi cover

Dusk by Ashanti Luke – The Best Science Fiction to Read in Leisure

Written by Ashanti Luke, Dusk is the latest sci-fi book that has everything to turn your idle time into a thrilling entertainment. It’s available in both kindle and paperback editions on Amazon. If you are searching for a good sci-fi book
INTERPASS – The Best Online Site for the SAT Preparation

INTERPASS – The Best Online Site for the SAT Preparation

If you’re looking to apply to a university that requires you to take the SAT test, the next step is to find a reliable source to prepare for the SAT test. If you are having a problem finding the best place
Love Through Pain

Love Through Pain: About Us (Part 1)

«We drank a lot that night. Ashley was high as well as turned on. She was trying to unbutton my pants whilst we sat there. Rubbing my crotch, she gestured that we get up, and we somehow made it to the

Nowadays, it is very common for people to come across texts and working documents (or academic material) in another language and not all of them are able to pay for language courses to be able to translate on their own, so
Two Men and a Hamster

Two Men and a Hamster

A spy story originating in the weird world of the Risk and Payments in e-commerce ecosystem. Marc, Victor and their special friend, will make you read this story in one breath! GET eBook Now Product Details Author: The Hamster  File Size:
Success in Exam

How to success in your exam? Read this book today!

Tired of studying for exams and still not remembering anything during the test? Or have you lost motivation to study after all because you don’t see a reason why you should be studying? A lot of us, lose our motivation to
Another Sheep To Be Shorn FRONT COVER Jpeg

Another Sheep To Be Shorn – Men and Divorce: My Story, Thoughts & Musings

Simon Brown is an ordinary working Man, yet with his decision to be a ‘Respondent in Person’ the UK Family Courts and his Wife’s hoard of Credit Funded Family Lawyers subjected him to a near 4 Year Divorce wrangle over his


Jo employed at the local hardware store as a screw aisle, stocking shelves and answering questions. a good looking middle-aged women begins a conversation with him. Few minute later, an elderly man hit on him. Bianca Sinclair came to hardware store,
Pleasing Sarah

Pleasing Sarah:: Sexy Adult Stories Of Explicit Oral Pleasure( Steamy Romance Novel)

Andrew has a problem in the bedroom, but he will be the last one to admit it. He likes to brush it off like it’s nothing, but it continues to bother him. His last attempt to please his former girlfriend with oral
You are a star

You Are A Star

You Are A Star is a enjoyable book great for bedtime reading. Packed with cosmic information each page offers a fun fact about the planets in our solar system. Little astronauts will love to read this colorful planetary book! GET eBook
Colorful vegetarian feast dinner table from above

Vegan Keto Diet for Beginners By J.R. Carina – The Complete Guide to Staying Healthy

Whether you want to know more about vegan Keto diet or are on the lookout for the best book that can help you devise a healthy diet plan, be sure to give Vegan Keto Diet for Beginners a shot. It’s available