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4IR AI Blockchain Fintech IoT - Reinventing a Nation

4IR AI Blockchain Fintech IoT – Reinventing a Nation by Dinis Guarda

Are you looking for a book that can help you make the most of the latest technologies such as bockchain, special Al, IoT and FinTech? This is the right book you can go with. Co-written by Dinis Guarda, ‘’ 4IR AI

How Do You Place God In Your Heart When You Never Believed He Was There From The Start?

Ellis Lucas saw no hope of salvation or meaning in life or the world around him. Isolation, uncontrollable anger and violence, abandonment and feeling unwanted, a lost and broken soul, inebriated by drinking from deceptive cisterns and poisoned waters of this
Raven Naelo and the Artifact of the Stolen Souls

Raven Naelo and the Artifact of the Stolen Souls

Raven Naelo’s father was viciously decapitated. But that didn’t stop the young half-Elf from following in his footsteps. To strengthen her abilities as a rogue, she was granted permission, as well with others, to train with the Realm Guardian. While the
Naidenko_523 Hard To Believe Facts

523 Hard To Believe Facts: Better Explained, Counterintuitive and Fun Trivia from the Creator of (Paramount Trivia and Quizzes Book 5)

Which was the first country to give the citizenship to a robot? Is the dark side of the Moon always dark? What is the Sismo Detector? Discover the answers to these seemingly random facts and more! The interesting trivia in this
I Love Masala Me

I Love Masala Me: English And Hindi (1)

Joselyn and Amit are children that belong to two worlds, and two different but beautiful cultures. Growing up, they could choose to assimilate into American culture completely, or they could choose to embrace their multicultural heritage. They both decide to celebrate
power blogging book by sunita biddu

26 Ingredients Of Power Blogging : Get Ready For Massive Money, Name And Popularity By Sunita Biddu

Blogging is so commonly done by millions across but this does not translate to instant money. In fact, the number of successful bloggers across the world is around 9% according to a survey. But, what makes a successful blogger? What are
Your Daily 7-Minute Focus

Your Daily 7-Minute Focus. Increase Your Concentration and Productivity with Easy Habits

Focus is honing in your attention on a certain action, thought, emotion, object, or anything else that is part of your reality. We’re able to focus our eyes on a certain object, our thoughts on a certain task, and our emotions
Centurion Justice

Centurion Justice

Centurion Justice, no longer a cop. But what does it matter, anywhere there’s evil, bad guys and trouble this slick, cool ass brother is there on the double. Taking down evil like no other, picking up the lady’s like no other
Halloween Coloring Book for Adults

Halloween Coloring Book for Adults

This Halloween adult colouring book is horror theme activity for anyone to use for release stress and for mind relaxation.In this book, you will see the horror and ugly most of ghost which you can imagin all of horror.There are the
Living Above Stress And Anxiety

Living Above Stress And Anxiety: Overcoming Stress And Anxiety

We are living in a stressful world. If you don’t handle your stress well it will graduate into anxiety and possible depression. This concise and pointed book explains in simple terms what stress is and how you can escape the trap

The Frights of Fiji (Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Missions Book 1)

The Frights of Fiji – A world of magic and adventure awaits… Sent to live with her strict, aloof, and uncaring uncle after her parents are killed in a car accident, twelve-year-old orphan Alyssa McCarthy longs for the life she used
Money Grows on Trees

Money Grows on Trees by Jerremy Newsome – A Guide to Thinking and Achieving Big

Written by Jerremy Newsome, Money Grows on Trees is an ideal book for those wanting to become successful in their lives. It will surely go a long way toward helping you overcome all your fears so you can think big and
Bentley Hippo

Bentley Hippo: Sharing

A happy hippo that helps inspire children all over the world, regardless of color, race, shape, gender or religion, to live in peace and harmony. Key values and life lessons such as kindness, caring, sharing, respect and friendship are taught. Bentley
Light Stops Dead

Where the Light Stops Dead: 50 Short Horror Stories by Mr. Michael Squid

A collection of 50 creeping horror stories that dig deep into your mind and won’t let go. These are unconnected tales that will unsettle and horrify, reaching beyond common tropes as different narrators pull you into their nightmarish situations and malevolent
Unlocking Magic

Unlocking Magic: How to hack into the mind of a player while avoiding heartbreak. Guide for every woman who wants to unlock her magic within

This book will ensure that parents will no longer have to worry about their daughters growing up and possibly experiencing heart break. It is designed especially for young girls going into high school and college. Those are the years when young
Long Time Vol.1-2


An ordinary bus stop. A once-in-a-lifetime encounter between two hearts aching with hope, fear and tenderness… London, 1960. Rose is looking for a new start. Thousands of miles away from her Caribbean home, she scrapes together money to send for her
Rockin Reggie

Reggie Vinson’s Biography, “Still Got a Song in Me”

Reggie Vinson, a man born with music in his heart.  The man has led a spontaneous career for more than 3 decades, and he wants to share his life experience with a newer generation. Unfortunately, it’s not common knowledge that Reggie
Timothy Calm Down & Have Fun

Timothy Calm Down & Have Fun: Relaxing Children’s Story about Respecting the Elderly, Decrease Stress & Anger, and Being Happy

Are you looking for the PERFECT bedtime story for your kids? “Timothy Calm Down & Have Fun” is a fun, entertaining and educating book for children. In today’s world, where children are hyperactive, can’t focus their attention, and struggle to maintain a calm,
Peak Performance Interviewing for Executives

Peak Performance Interviewing for Executives

Best-selling author Rainer Morita is proud to reveal, for the first time, his breakthrough interview methodology – Peak Performance Interviewing for Executives. Worldwide it has gained great popularity among thousands of job seekers who owe their career advancement and job interview
Find Your Power

Find Your Power: Discovering Inner Strength (Empower Kids Series Book 2)

Find Your Power, Now. Fun activity/workbook with inspiring practices and exercises. Create your inner strength while discovering practical daily routines, for the mind, body and soul. Find Your Power is here to help guide our youth through what can be “not