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Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers: Family Secrets Book One

Sarah’s husband is dying and she is desperate to find a stem cell donor to save his life. After learning Michael has a half-brother currently in prison for murder, she pays him a visit and makes a deal with him. He
Splinters of My Soul

Splinters of My Soul

How deep is the bond of siblings when one’s career, marriage, life and darkest secret are on the line . . . The heart-wrenching appearance of six little girls with horrifying injuries leads to a gruesome murder in Cloverdale. With such

Blossom in Winter

An abused wife flees to London with her baby to escape her husband but, despite finding new life and romance, danger follows her. Asma’u Verity Gambo desperately makes her way to London with her child to escape her abusive husband, Fabian.
Relationship Refresh

Relationship Refresh: Achieve Your Deepest Desire and Experience True, Lasting Love!

Does Your Current Relationship Need a Spark? Everybody dreams about finding true love—the everlasting romance depicted in stories from fairy tales to romantic comedies. But the reality is that many of us will seldom achieve a long-lasting, loving connection. How can

Tales of Reverba: A New Ember – The Best Book for Your Bedtime Reading

If you are looking for a book that will keep you entertained, then Tales of Reverba is a perfect choice. The author has created a fantastic world filled with adventure and mystery. You’ll be hooked from the first page to the
Hicham Book Covers

501 Non-Fiction Series (20 book series)

From Book 1: This book is part of a series that includes MBA Core & Elective coursework taught at prestigious universities like Harvard and Wharton. The series consists of Core & Elective courses that stemmed from more than ten years of
Where's Daddy?

Where’s Daddy?

Saviy is a little girl who loves playing with her dolls, but she realizes that someone very important is missing one day. While there is a doll for her and her mom, her dad doesn’t feature. Puzzled, she asks her mom
Hysterical Memories

Hysterical Memories

Here is the story of a mans life that has been riddled and ruffled with emotionally unstable personality disorder, a known mental illness. Despite spending a considerable part of his life at various rehabilitation facilities, Eugenes life was largely marred with

CEO-Stories: Children Employed by Owners

This book is a compilation of short stories of businesses passed down to the next generation from their owners. Unfortunately, those who inherited these successful businesses were not cut out for the responsibilities that came with it. Soon these carefully built
A day at Blue Mountain ranch

A Day at Blue Mountain Ranch with Cowboy Mike and Winston

Do you know a child who loves horses or ponies? Watch their eyes light up as they read the pages of these children’s books. A day at Blue Mountain Ranch with Cowboy Mike and Winston to the first book in the