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Let’s Kidnap Me (Kindle Edition) by Kyle Guillou

Reading books is a pleasant way to spend your free time. But some books are boring, others are too long, and there is always a danger of falling asleep before you reach the end. This won’t happen with Let’s Kidnap Me.

An Honest Review of MindStir Media [2022]

The publishing industry can be a real hassle. If you’re an author, you’ve probably spent many years honing your craft and writing your masterpiece, only to work with an agent and publisher who are difficult to work with and are constantly
Amala a life on lockdown

Amala A Life On Lockdown 4.A.B

Is the fourth book of the series Amala A life on Lockdown Author Julia George has written a gripping tale which will leave you wanting more. Julia George is a popular small town celebrity and actor, resident of Los Angeles, USA
Respectable Gentleman

Respectable Gentleman: The Basic Universal Principles

Do you want to be a Respectable Gentleman and do you wish your son to be? “Respectable Gentleman: The Basic Universal Principles” covers the ins- and outs of what it means to be a Respectable Gentleman. This book gives you tips, do’s
Diamond Dreams

Diamond Dreams by Jonathan Ulysse

In Jonathan Ulysse’s stunning debut, Diamond Dreams, we meet Jonny Magnus – a striking twenty-something year old, disillusioned with love. As he roams from one place to another, he cherishes what little happiness awaits him. Unaware of the allure that Rio

The Shepherd and the Beast by Tramayne Monaghan

We all know that becoming a leader is important, but it can be hard to figure out how to do it. Most people never become leaders because they don’t know where to start. They feel lost and without a guide. Written

The Black Devil’s Cave

A child with unique traits. A mystery older than human civilization. … a secret worth killing for. When undocumented children in ICE detention center become sick from food poisoning, one little boy seems immune. Only nobody knows who he is or


By Angela Young March 30, 2022 I read multiple stories of famous people, but none like what I’m about to share. Futurist Michael-John Toste and Author of—The Prophetic Matrix: Unlock the Secret Code to Your Destiny, shares his showbiz journey in

ChapterPerChapter — The Best Online Book Discussion Platform without Spoilers

Reading a book is always best done with someone else. The discussions and debates are thought-provoking, the joy of anticipation makes the wait for the next chapter easier, and you find yourself devouring books at an alarming rate. And then you
Megan by Natalia Komonova

Megan by Natalia Komonova

At first sight, it’s a romance story about Megan, who lacks decisiveness to sort out the relationship with David with a strong passion for work. Their meetings are filled with excitement and childish delight, but on rare occasions, when David is