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Russia and the West

Russia and the West: Roots of Conflict and How to Solve it

Why is there a conflict between Russia and the West? What is the roots of the conflict? And more importantly – how can the conflict be solved? This book attempts to provide answers to these questions, and is in particular interested
Daughters of Dementia

Daughters of Dementia

Leslie and Lindsey are sisters who felt compelled to share personal and revealing stories about their father as he fell deeper and deeper into the tragic memory robbing abyss called Dementia. The two sisters narrate their experiences born from different perspectives,
Amala - A Life on Lockdown

Amala – A Life on Lockdown.: A Courageous Girl Amala. She had to find her way out.

The Book is A Simple Fiction Story. Its dedicated to the thousands of women we know.This is for the several women who are silently abused in different parts of the world.This is a issue concerning women and how tactfully Mental health