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Arcadia's Children 3

Arcadia’s Children 3: Pushley’s Escape

Arcadia’s Children 3: Pushley’s Escape is the third novel in the Arcadia’s Children series. The other two are: Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge.Arcadia’s Children 2:The Fyfield Plantation. Ed Pushley is an archaeologist, but his mind has been taken over by a spettro
i hate your time machine jeff mach final product PNG

“I Hate Your Time Machine”: A fiction-fueled guide to some of the worst tropes of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Take a space-pirate, inspired by a long-ago Dark Lord. Take a long period of quarantine within the tiny confines of a stolen starship. Now take 42 busted, broken, or overbearing tropes of Fantasy and Science Fiction. One by one, the Dark
EVO final cover

Evolution Cradle: The Aryan Origin By Dr. Charith Venkat Pidikiti – The Best Book for Your Bedtime Reading

Looking for the best titles for your leisure reading? Evolution Cradle: The Aryan Origin may be exactly what you’re looking for. Written by Dr. Charith Venkat Pidikiti, the book comprises a very interesting story that is sure to keep your interest


After discovering a map that revealed the location of the fabled lost island of HEYL’R, the sorceress that adopted BA’AL began making preparations to remain out to sea until she would finally be able to enter the legendary Sleeping City, hidden
Blue Screen

Blue Screen: How Peter Gustafson Defragmented the World

A young computer hacker accidentally saves the planet while trying to destroy it. In the distant future our young hero, Peter Gustafson, finds himself in a battle of wits against the greatest AI ever created. The machine needs a human to
Raven Naelo and the Artifact of the Stolen Souls

Raven Naelo and the Artifact of the Stolen Souls

Raven Naelo’s father was viciously decapitated. But that didn’t stop the young half-Elf from following in his footsteps. To strengthen her abilities as a rogue, she was granted permission, as well with others, to train with the Realm Guardian. While the
The Ash Eaters

The Ash Eaters by John Rhodes – The Best Fiction Book for Your Bedtime Reading

Written by John Rhodes, The Ash Eaters is an amazing fiction book consisting of 30 pages. It comprises an interesting story that revolves around a teenager named Joseph who gets attracted to a young girl named Lucy at a party. The
Dusk digi cover

Dusk by Ashanti Luke – The Best Science Fiction to Read in Leisure

Written by Ashanti Luke, Dusk is the latest sci-fi book that has everything to turn your idle time into a thrilling entertainment. It’s available in both kindle and paperback editions on Amazon. If you are searching for a good sci-fi book