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ChapterPerChapter — The Best Online Book Discussion Platform without Spoilers

Reading a book is always best done with someone else. The discussions and debates are thought-provoking, the joy of anticipation makes the wait for the next chapter easier, and you find yourself devouring books at an alarming rate. And then you

An Honest Review of MindStir Media [2022]

The publishing industry can be a real hassle. If you’re an author, you’ve probably spent many years honing your craft and writing your masterpiece, only to work with an agent and publisher who are difficult to work with and are constantly

Go on an Epic Adventure with Adrian Lee Zuniga’s Creation, ‘The Elder Scrolls: Žaneta’s Chronicles’

Summary: Adrian Lee Zuniga showcases the dexterity of his creativity and boundless imagination with his trilogy, ‘The Elder Scrolls: Žaneta’s Chronicles.’ Body: Successful respiratory therapist and seasoned author Adrian Lee Zuniga presents the second installment of his popular epic novel, ‘The Elder Scrolls – Žaneta’s Chronicles:

Uplifting Christian Reflections : A Christian Thinking Aloud

Recent publication by the author of Inspirational Short Sermons and other great Christian titles! Uplifting Christian Reflections is premised on the need for Christians to constantly assess their walk with the Lord. The Christian life is not a destination; it is,
A Race Without a Finish Line

A Race Without a Finish Line: Running Stories, Flexi-Gluten Free Meal Plan, Olympic Training Strategies, and Research for Efficient Distance Running

Learn of secret races, night group trail runs along riverbeds and scenic downtown runs occurring in dyads, triads, alongside cyclists, and in and around running Meetup groups. Become immersed completely in local running communities. Identify cues via social media for the
END THE FEAR of Living Paycheck To Paycheck

END THE FEAR of Living Paycheck To Paycheck Review

Are you living in the uncertainty that comes with barely surviving paycheck to paycheck? What would happen if you unexpectedly lost your job? Are you hiding behind a fake smile only to scrape by at the end of each pay period?

Heal Your Anxiety Now!: Powerful Strategies for Conquering Your Biggest Fears

Is fear and anxiety stopping you from having healthy relationships, love, success, or money? Is it hurting your self-esteem and robbing you of joy and happiness? Coach Flo’s Heal Your Anxiety Now! Is designed to help you overcome your biggest fears