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JKs Code

JK’s Code

Twenty year old computer genius Jake Klein, known to his friends as JK, drops out of college to pursue fortune and fame in the field of cybersecurity. Discovering and upending a conspiracy between the presidents of Russia and America to manipulate
Russia and the West

Russia and the West: Roots of Conflict and How to Solve it

Why is there a conflict between Russia and the West? What is the roots of the conflict? And more importantly – how can the conflict be solved? This book attempts to provide answers to these questions, and is in particular interested
Rise to The Rhythm

Rise to The Rhythm-Awaken The Beat and Live Your Highest Potential – Unleash The Gift of Your Full Potential

Are you tired of living a life that’s going nowhere? If you’ve been down for too long or have you lost your life’s rhythm then it’s time to get back on the beat. Well, your “Hope Has Arrived!” In Rise to
Meme is the New Mean-Bullying Behind the Screen

Meme is the New Mean: Bullying Behind the Screen

Meme is the New Mean explores the transformation of bullying in the new era of social media. As cyberbullying reaches an all time high, now is the time to shift the focus to social media solutions. Meme is the Mew Mean

Latest Book Recommendations – How Lenin and Stalin Brainwashed Russians by Larisa Vetrova

Are you one of those wanting to read something really interesting prior to going to bed? You aren’t alone as there’s no dearth of book lovers who’re always looking for the new stuff to increase their knowledge. Today, we are up