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Respectable Gentleman

Respectable Gentleman: The Basic Universal Principles

Do you want to be a Respectable Gentleman and do you wish your son to be? “Respectable Gentleman: The Basic Universal Principles” covers the ins- and outs of what it means to be a Respectable Gentleman. This book gives you tips, do’s
Mommy and Daddy are Separated and We Love You Even More by Shakira Duffy

Mommy and Daddy are Separated and We Love You Even More by Shakira Duffy

The book titled ”Mommy and Daddy are Separated and We Love You Even More” is the best book that is often difficult to find on the market. The book is not only about the separation of parents but also about explaining to
Raising Independent Kiddos

Raising Independent Kiddos

Parenting is hard. It’s a never-ending series of particular problems that require ambiguous solutions. And the frustrating truth is that the specifics of your child’s situation aren’t in the literature. Believe me. I’ve been looking for it for two decades. I’m
Unlocking Magic

Unlocking Magic: How to hack into the mind of a player while avoiding heartbreak. Guide for every woman who wants to unlock her magic within

This book will ensure that parents will no longer have to worry about their daughters growing up and possibly experiencing heart break. It is designed especially for young girls going into high school and college. Those are the years when young
Timothy Calm Down & Have Fun

Timothy Calm Down & Have Fun: Relaxing Children’s Story about Respecting the Elderly, Decrease Stress & Anger, and Being Happy

Are you looking for the PERFECT bedtime story for your kids? “Timothy Calm Down & Have Fun” is a fun, entertaining and educating book for children. In today’s world, where children are hyperactive, can’t focus their attention, and struggle to maintain a calm,
Find Your Power

Find Your Power: Discovering Inner Strength (Empower Kids Series Book 2)

Find Your Power, Now. Fun activity/workbook with inspiring practices and exercises. Create your inner strength while discovering practical daily routines, for the mind, body and soul. Find Your Power is here to help guide our youth through what can be “not

Thoreau’s Downsizing Planner for Seniors

A superb guide for downsizing focused on seniors with step by step directions. This is the tool every senior needs that will be moving to smaller living quarters. GET eBook Now Product Details Author: Philip Baker File Size: 3662 KB Print Length: