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Chasing Time

Chasing Time By Thomas Reilly

Devastated by his wife’s terminal illness, retired teacher Tony Lucas seeks to recapture a lost magical key from his youth that has the power to predict the future and use it to unravel additional mysteries that could save her. Racing against

Klandestine : Ready To Live

Undercover cop Seneca Turner sets out on a mission to capture Cartier Briggs, a notorious youngster and drug lord. Soon he finds out he will have to eliminate the ones closest to him to bring him down. Pocket Change Presents “Cartier
Overcoming the Journey

Overcoming the Journey: Battle of the Mind

Growing up in a Christian home and being a pastor’s child was very difficult. I wanted to just be an ordinary child, but I realized that I had to pay a price for a parent that has been called by God.
Devil Plays for Keeps

The Devil Plays for Keeps

Lamar and Janice met in church and started dating. After accepting an invitation to visit Lamar’s family home, Janice discovers something wonderful but concerning. When Janice leaves her family, church, and career, to be with her husband, she finds that her
Splinters of My Soul

Splinters of My Soul

How deep is the bond of siblings when one’s career, marriage, life and darkest secret are on the line . . . The heart-wrenching appearance of six little girls with horrifying injuries leads to a gruesome murder in Cloverdale. With such

Blossom in Winter

An abused wife flees to London with her baby to escape her husband but, despite finding new life and romance, danger follows her. Asma’u Verity Gambo desperately makes her way to London with her child to escape her abusive husband, Fabian.

Tales of Reverba: A New Ember – The Best Book for Your Bedtime Reading

If you are looking for a book that will keep you entertained, then Tales of Reverba is a perfect choice. The author has created a fantastic world filled with adventure and mystery. You’ll be hooked from the first page to the
Aurelia And The Enemies Of Pity

Aurelia And The Enemies Of Pity By David Levine – An Interesting Book to Read Before Bed

If you like to read some amazing stuff before going to bed, a new book titled ‘’Aurelia And The Enemies Of Pity’’ is worth it. Written by David Levine and published on 27 March 2021, the book is an ideal choice
Beating the Lie

Beating the Lie: Based on a True Story

 A family living in an affluent neighborhood. A husband’s lies and darkest secrets are revealed. A woman’s powerful reaction.  ‘Beating the Lie’ is a suspenseful novel filled with endless twists and turns, based on true events. He thought he’d found the

Living in Cleveland With the Ghost of Joseph Stalin

It’s the summer of 1953. Calvin Jefferson Coolidge is thirteen years old when the ghost of Joseph Stalin appears to him in his Aunt Evelyn’s cluttered Cleveland attic and wants to dictate his memoirs to him. “I want to tell my