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The Black Devil’s Cave

A child with unique traits. A mystery older than human civilization. … a secret worth killing for. When undocumented children in ICE detention center become sick from food poisoning, one little boy seems immune. Only nobody knows who he is or
Megan by Natalia Komonova

Megan by Natalia Komonova

At first sight, it’s a romance story about Megan, who lacks decisiveness to sort out the relationship with David with a strong passion for work. Their meetings are filled with excitement and childish delight, but on rare occasions, when David is

Kronos Online – A Good Sci-Fi Book for Your Pastime

On the lookout for a good sci-fi book, but don’t know where to start? Kronos Online is the answer. It’s an exciting science fiction story that will keep your attention from beginning to end. The author uses vivid imagery and strong

Floating Underwater

Part psychological fiction and part mystical fiction with a dash of magical realism, Floating Underwater follows a woman’s astonishing journey through the extraordinary and, ultimately, to her own self-actualization and power. Fearful that her lifelong premonitions not only predict the future
Seven Doors to Salvation

Seven Doors to Salvation: A Tale of Darkness and Light

How far would you go to regain what you’ve lost? Danny wakes up in an unfamiliar place one night with no recollection of anything or anyone. He crosses paths with a stranger who accompanies him on a journey to discover the

True Art of Poetry by Hedgens Hyppolite

True art of poetry is a collection of poems written by Hedgens Hyppolite. He has portrayed emotion through his writing in a theatrical way. True art of poetry helps you unlock, reflect, and confront your innermost emotions. The poems written are
Chasing Time

Chasing Time By Thomas Reilly

Devastated by his wife’s terminal illness, retired teacher Tony Lucas seeks to recapture a lost magical key from his youth that has the power to predict the future and use it to unravel additional mysteries that could save her. Racing against

Klandestine : Ready To Live

Undercover cop Seneca Turner sets out on a mission to capture Cartier Briggs, a notorious youngster and drug lord. Soon he finds out he will have to eliminate the ones closest to him to bring him down. Pocket Change Presents “Cartier
Overcoming the Journey

Overcoming the Journey: Battle of the Mind

Growing up in a Christian home and being a pastor’s child was very difficult. I wanted to just be an ordinary child, but I realized that I had to pay a price for a parent that has been called by God.
Devil Plays for Keeps

The Devil Plays for Keeps

Lamar and Janice met in church and started dating. After accepting an invitation to visit Lamar’s family home, Janice discovers something wonderful but concerning. When Janice leaves her family, church, and career, to be with her husband, she finds that her