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The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership

The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership

The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership is a first of its kind book. It effectively addresses and shines a light on the two areas of your life that can cost you the most. They are Leadership and Relationships. If you’re leading people

Unhinged: Putting the Pieces Back Together

Unhinged: Putting the Pieces Back Together by Olena Rose showcases the unshakable strength and perseverance of the human spirit during times of romantic turmoil. Through emotionally-charged poetic storytelling, the reader is taken on a journey of healing and transformation that gains
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Become a Software Engineer in 6 Months: My Guide to Transitioning into a Software engineer in under 6 Months

Kickstart your software engineering journey with How to Transition Into Software Engineering in 120 Days! Use this book as a guide for navigating the technicalities of software engineering. Tackle basic and advanced competencies in computer science and development. Unlike overly complicated
How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You, Forever; How to Make Someone Obsessed With You.: The art of controlling people by provoking obsession

You’ve witnessed the power that obsession has over people. People will do anything for someone they are obsessed with. Fans will travel across the world to see a celebrity they are obsessed with. A person will become a slave to someone
My Kind of Guy

My Kind of Guy

Appointed by Lizzie Leah to locate her lost lover, whom she knows by the name of Leo McGuire, PI (and ex-spy) Mervyn Vincent discovers that the object of his quest is not only a gigolo with a harem of “Mrs McGuires”
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“I Hate Your Time Machine”: A fiction-fueled guide to some of the worst tropes of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Take a space-pirate, inspired by a long-ago Dark Lord. Take a long period of quarantine within the tiny confines of a stolen starship. Now take 42 busted, broken, or overbearing tropes of Fantasy and Science Fiction. One by one, the Dark