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The First House

The First House (The House Series Book 1) by Robert Allwood – The Best Fiction Book for Your Bedtime Reading

Written by Robert Allwood, The First House is an interesting fiction novel that revolves around a self-confessed witch called Sarah Savile and her daughters. It’s an ideal choice for your bedtime reading. If you’re searching for the best fiction novel to


Tor Leingaard has a lot on his mind. He graduates college in six short months, his forever crush is FINALLY single, and his friends are making big plays for corporate jobs. He knows he should be doing the same: applying for
The Ash Eaters

The Ash Eaters by John Rhodes – The Best Fiction Book for Your Bedtime Reading

Written by John Rhodes, The Ash Eaters is an amazing fiction book consisting of 30 pages. It comprises an interesting story that revolves around a teenager named Joseph who gets attracted to a young girl named Lucy at a party. The

Underfunded: The Fourth Solution

Guilt and grief kept Katie Nilsson away from her hometown for a decade. Now, a nationally acclaimed financial blogger, she’s back in the small hamlet of Lakeside, IL for her grandfather’s funeral, and she soon discovers he was swindled by the