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World Peace Is Comedy by Ed Blaze – One of the Best Books to Read Before Bed

Are you searching for a new book for your bedtime reading? Having a tough time finding a great book that suits your taste? No fuss, you have come to the right place. We’ve picked out a new book titled ‘’World Peace

De-escalate by Doug Noll

Discover how to successfully and efficiently calm an angry person or diffuse a volatile situation in ninety seconds or less with this proven and accessible peacekeeping method by self-described “lawyer turned peacemaker” Douglas E. Noll. We live in an increasingly divided
The confessional

The Confessional by A.K. Kuykendall

Altar Boy Reinhold Commons Webster was an innocent child—scholarly, devout—whose trials and tribulations weighed heavily upon him. He continually prayed for deliverance, but in the end, only Lucifer answered. GET eBook Now Product Details Author: A.K. Kuykendall Genres: 99-Cent eBooks, Horror,

Get Over Divorce by Adèle Théron – The Best Book that Actually Helps You Get Through a Traumatizing Experience of Divorce

Are you having a hard time getting over divorce? Don’t know what to do next? No fuss, you are at the right place. We’ve picked out a new book titled ‘’Get Over Divorce’ for you. Written by the UK’s leading Divorce
Finding GOD in Abandoned Places

Finding God in Abandoned Places: Collection of Inspirational Short Stories

Finding God in Abandoned Places is a collection of Christian short stories, largely inspired by a desire to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit, anytime and anywhere in our modern world. Each story is a reflective, thought-provoking piece on how

Whiskey, Blood, and Magic by David Chylde – The Best Urban Fantasy Novel for Your Leisure Reading

Finding the best book for your bedtime reading isn’t an easy thing. You need to browse through several books to get to exactly what you’re looking for. If you want to read something fantasy related, we have picked out a new