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Can't Sit

Can’t Sit: Living with a Sitting Disability

Everyone sits. But what happens when even that simple action is enough to cause severe back pain? Despite the simplistic name, getting diagnosed with a sitting disability means your life is about to get much, much more complicated. When every bend

MIND LIES: And The Truths That Will Set You Free

You Are Not Who You Think You Are! From The Author of ‘The ALL KNOWING Diary’ comes a profound and engaging expose… of YOUR MIND! Your mind is not what you believe it to be. It is not the source of
Fractured Fate

Fractured Fate

Can fate be fixed? Preferring football to flirting and snowmobiles to stilettos, Rae never desired more than friendship with boys until she finds herself attracted to both McNeal twins. Daredevil, magnetic Trey personifies “habitual heartbreaker.” But their shared passion for music