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Mom, Dad; What About Me?! By Arlayn M. Ladson-Castle JD

Mom, Dad; What About Me?! is a valuable resource for parents who are not living together and have a minor child or children. It provides guidance and tips on how to keep the communication lines open between both parents and how

Virtual Empire Blueprint : The Essential Guide On How To Make Profitable Money Online Without Stress

There are many paths to online success. But there is one common denominator – you have to take action. That’s why my new e-book, Virtual Empire Blueprint, is so important. It provides a roadmap to online success, no matter what your chosen stream
The Adventires Of Garry The Goat: Volume2

The Adventires Of Garry The Goat: Volume2

The Adventures of Garry The Goat Volume 2, is a children’s book about 3 friends getting reunited after the first journey through a Dark Forrest where they eat play & sing. Get eBook Now Product Details Author : Dedric Banks ASIN

From The Wolf’s Den

Stefan Gundelach, a six-year-old Jewish boy, is forced to flee from Berlin, Germany after SS officers destroy the orphanage he resides in during Kristallnacht. With very few other options, Stefan is sent via the Kindertransport scheme to Britain where he enrols
Joy Comes in the Morning: 90 Day Devotional

Joy Comes in the Morning: 90 Day Devotional

In her 13th anthology and 20th book project Joy comes in the Morning, Award-winning author Vernessa Blackwell brings 89 phenomenal coauthors together who share their personal testimonials and devotionals to help you recognize the Lord’s hand in your situation to restore
The Deep

The Deep: A tale beyond the waves

Stanley is going through the motions of life, endlessly seeking employment in the pages of the daily newspaper and frequently coming up short. When he receives a call from his friend, Mrs Anderson, a widow whose only son is giving her
Amala a life on lockdown

Amala A Life On Lockdown 4.A.B

Is the fourth book of the series Amala A life on Lockdown Author Julia George has written a gripping tale which will leave you wanting more. Julia George is a popular small town celebrity and actor, resident of Los Angeles, USA
Respectable Gentleman

Respectable Gentleman: The Basic Universal Principles

Do you want to be a Respectable Gentleman and do you wish your son to be? “Respectable Gentleman: The Basic Universal Principles” covers the ins- and outs of what it means to be a Respectable Gentleman. This book gives you tips, do’s
Diamond Dreams

Diamond Dreams by Jonathan Ulysse

In Jonathan Ulysse’s stunning debut, Diamond Dreams, we meet Jonny Magnus – a striking twenty-something year old, disillusioned with love. As he roams from one place to another, he cherishes what little happiness awaits him. Unaware of the allure that Rio

Let’s Kidnap Me (Kindle Edition) by Kyle Guillou

Reading books is a pleasant way to spend your free time. But some books are boring, others are too long, and there is always a danger of falling asleep before you reach the end. This won’t happen with Let’s Kidnap Me.